Rules of participation

Participating nations:

  • France
  • Japan
  • Benelux : Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg
  • Switzerland
  • UK
  • Germany


Ages 24-39, with a minimum of 5 years in the profession and currently employed in a restaurant.

A candidate, irrespective of his nationality, must apply under the country where he practices. If selected, he will then represent that country at the international competition.

All candidates must work alone and only one candidate shall be admitted per restaurant or establishment.

Any candidate who wishes to take part despite working in a country not featured on our list of participating nations may also apply for the competition.

The enclosed entry pack must be submitted in English or French and sent to Champagne Taittinger, in Reims.

If the candidate is selected, he will be assigned to one of the selection centers in France.

Legal disclaims :

The organizer reserves the right to extend or cut short the length of the competition, or to modify or cancel the competition should circumstances so require. In this case, he will not be held responsible.

Any difficulty that might arise as a result of the application or interpretation of the present rule, or that is not treated herein, will be settled by the organizer.

The organizer reserves the right to film the national finals finales of the international competition and use the recordings from these events.
A candidate, irrespective of his nationality, must apply under the country where he practices.

If selected, he will then represent that country at the international competition.

General rules and structure of the practical heats :

Abroad, national finals are organized in a number of countries influenced by French cuisine. Each foreign national final awards the winner 1st Prize in the National “Tait­tinger”.

In France, where the number of competitors is traditionally higher, several selec­tion finals are held, each also awarding a 1st Prize.

In France, as abroad, winners are selected following two separate heats :
- A recipe of choice of classic cuisine on a set theme chosen by the “Taittinger” Organizing Committee,
- A set recipe of national cuisine chosen by the Chairman of the National “Taittinger” Jury.

 Selection process :

Selection based on a written recipe:

Selection is made, anonymously, by the “Taittinger” Jury, made up exclusively of chefs.
This heat serves to select candidates admitted to the practical heats.

The final selection :

The candidate is convened to one of the selection centers.

The organization supplies the necessary ingredients as shown on the menu costings of each candidate. Any ingredients brought by a candidate will automatically be refused.

All candidates must report to the kitchen at the time specified in their invitations, alone and with no outside help.
Candidates should be in their work dress.

General rules and structure of the practical heats for the national final and inter­national competition :

In the kitchen :

Members of the Kitchen Jury control the equipment brought in by each candidate.

They reserve the right to refuse any equipment which :
- is unsuitable for the recipes to be carried out,
- is already available in a sufficient quantity in the kitchen,
- is brought in excessive amounts.

Only small pieces of equipment are authorized. At the international final, when candidates arrive the day before the competition, the jury reserves the right to refuse the use of excessive and non-justified equipment.

Members of the Kitchen Jury reserve the right to refuse certain materials.

Members of the kitchen Jury are authorized to disqualify any candidate in breach of the rules, having first conferred with the Chairman of the Jury.

Ingredients :

Candidates each in turn receive the products listed on their menu costings.

They start to work every quarter of an hour. Following the order of presentation laid down by the Jury they must submit their dishes at the times indicated when they strated working.

The kitchen Jury may demand that any decorative or inedible element likely to reveal the identity of a candidate be removed from the presentation.

Penalities for delay :

To ensure strict equality between candidates, any delay of more than 5 minutes in presenting a dish to the Jury will be penalized. Over and above 5 minutes, the Jury will deduct 10 points per minute’s delay from the score awarded to the dish.

If the delay exceeds 10 minutes the candidate shall be disqualified.

- The candidate must :

1/ Avoid wasting or throwing away any of the products and return unused ingredients.
2/ Be careful not to disrupt the work of those around him and leave his work area completely clean and tidy.
A mark will be awarded for hygiene.

Marking :

All candidates must remain in the kitchen from the start to the end of the heats.

All candidates leave together after the work of the final candidate has been anonymously presented to the Jury.

Scoring is by adding up the points awarded to each candidate by each of the members of the Jury.

However, to avoid extreme marks having too strong an influence on the scoring, the highest and lowest mark given to each candidate are eliminated before the marks are added together.

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