National Finals

National finals :

The candidate has 5 hours to prepare two recipes:

One is free choice on a theme set by the Organizing Committee (based on which the candidate was selected) and the other set by the Chairman of the national Jury.

Recipe of choice on a set theme:

The candidate prepares the recipe devised for the written heat. All the ingredients required are provided and the candidate is helped by a commis chef.

Marks are awarded out of 200 and take into account presentation, cooking, seasoning and observance of the recipe.

Recipe set by the national jury:

The candidate must prepare a recipe of which he was advised one week prior to the heats.

On the day of the national final, all the ingredients necessary to prepare the recipe will be provided.

Marks are awarded out of 150.

Quality of work in the kitchen:

Awarded by the two kitchen judges and marked out of 60. The points are added to those from the tasting Jury to arrive at the overall total for each competitor.

  • Recipe of choice on a set theme 200 points
  • Recipe set by the national jury 100 points
  • Quality of work in the kitchen 60 points


For each national final, the results will be announced during a reception held in honour of the winners. The candidate with the highest overall score is declared “Winner of the hosting country final of the “Taittinger”. He is invited, with his partner, to Paris to compete in the heats for the International Final.