International final

The Roll-out

Three weeks before the heats, the winners of all the national finals are sent, alongside their invitations, the general theme for the international competition: one main item (examples: fish, seafood, meat, game, poultry, etc.) accompanied by two or three garnishes, to be presented on a single dish.

On the night before the international competition, the exact theme is drawn by lot in the presence of an official court, together with a list of ingredients from which the candi­date selects those he needs in order to prepare the recipe he is to create.


The official language of the international competition is French. However, the Orga­nizing Committee will endeavor to provide translations and interpreters for non French speaking candidates.

The Competition

On the day of the competition, each competitor has 5 hours in which to prepare his dish. The dishes are scored on a similar basis to that for the recipe of free choice in the national finals.

  • Recipe of choice on a set theme 200 points
  • Recipe set by the international jury 100 points
  • Quality of work in the kitchen 60 points

The results are announced on the same evening and the winners honoured during a reception held by Champagne Taittinger