The 52nd anniversary of the international culinary price "Le Taittinger"

52nd Japan Culinary Price

Congratulations to the winner of the 52nd Japan Culinary Price: Chef SEKIYA who works at THE WORKSHOP of Joël Robuchon Tokyo

The Ritz’s Tom Scade wins UK final of the Taittinger Prix Culinaire

By The Caterer


Chef Tom Scade, from the Ritz London, was crowned champion of the UK final of the Taittinger Prix Culinaire competition on Saturday and will go forward to represent the country in the international final for the second year running.  Scade and fellow contestants Quentin Plateaux of the Langham and Micheal Dutnall of the Royal Air Force Club were set a Paul  Bocuse-inspired challenge of serving a whole Bresse chicken, with self-serve home-style stuffing, poulette sauce and a side of mushroom  and chicken liver ravioli in a consomme followed by a tarte aux pralines roses.  The dishes were tasted by a panel of judges led by Michel Roux Jr, with points given for factors including presentation, taste, seasoning,  cooking and observance of the recipe. The chefs were also assessed how they worked in the kitchen.  Scade told The Caterer: “It was tough, but enjoyable. It’s always good to test yourself and it’s great to have a classical competition like  this with skills that may have been forgotten. At the Ritz London we still cook like this and it’s nice to showcase what we do.  “I didn’t know what I was getting into last year, I just got lucky and won then I went to France and it was a disaster so I felt I had to give it  another shot just to put those demons to rest. 

“France wasn’t what I was expecting and I wasn’t ready for it. Now I know what to expect and I’ll go and give it my best, as long as I give it my best and know I’ve left everything over there.”  Plateaux came second in the competition with Dutnall in third place.  As the results were announced Roux Jr told those gathered at Roux at Parliament Square in Westminster: “Today was a fantastic day.  We had three great chefs and fantastic judges. It was great to be hosting the competition here at Parliament Square again and thank-you  to Taittinger for allowing the UK to have a go at knocking the French of their perch.” 

Kevin McKee, UK Director of Family Taittinger added: “The competition was incredibly tough this year. All three finalists are fantastic chefs with incredible skills. Congratulations to Tom for an impressive win. I look forward to seeing him again at the Paris final.”  The final will be held in Paris in November.


Champagne Taittinger congratulates Swiss chef Tom Meyer from the restaurant Hôtel de Ville de Crissier, who won the 51st international culinary prize "Le Taittinger"!

The Taittinger, 50 years of passion

Throughout 2016, the “Bruit de Table” followed the 50th edition of the Taittinger International Culinary Award, the “Prix Culinaire”. Following the victory of Julien Richard, the first sous-chef to have cooked with the cuisines of the Embiez Island, with his “turbot à la Nantua”, it was the spirit of this unique competition that the cameras captured thanks to the stories of its participants. From the first winner, Michel Comby, to Amandine Chaignot, a finalist in 2011 and member of the jury, to Michel Roth (winner in 1985), Emmanuel Renaut, president of the competition, or Bernard Leprince (winner in 1995) they all speak of the very special place that Taittinger holds in the protection, promotion and influence of French gastronomy. All recognize the tremendous commitment, discretion and respect, of a family united around Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger, president of champagne Taittinger, and his daughter, Vitalie, an unwavering ambassador of the house.

Let yourself be transported 

Image : Nathalie Bozzone, Lionel Autran, Estelle Chauffour, Paul Olinger

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Book Launch dedicated to the international culinary price "Le Taittinger"

This book recounts fifty years of culinary evolutions and human adventures. Around fifteen winners from different countries confide to us to tell more about the challenges of the competition, behind the scenes. They set out for us to discover the recipe of their success through the dish which enabled them to get to the highest step of the podium. To complete this, comments from the jury presidents, kitchen helps and other people also involved were added, to make the book alive, cosmopolitan and personal like the image of the great gastronomy.

Available in French, English and Japanese : Click here to buy it