A prize

Pierre Taittinger, founder of the eponymous Champagne House, had a great passion for gastronomy. As a deputy of the 1st arrondissement of Paris, near the Halles, he often let himself be guided by smells and sounds. This interest for fine dining led him to find his place in the Académie des Gastronomes: the 22nd chair, given in the 19th century to the author of the Almanach des Gourmands.

In 1966, to salute his memory and perpetuate his vision of the French Grande Cuisine, the idea of an international gastronomical contest was born, held and judged by professionals. The man in white, the chef hidden behind his ovens, would finally be brought to light while a certain type of cuisine would be honored, reconciling the classical rules with creativity.

So, in 1967, under the impetus of his son Claude Taittinger, came the first Pierre Taittinger International Culinary Prize, the reputation for probity and extreme difficulty of which has never ceased to spread, even leading at time to be nicknamed the “Everest of Gastronomy”.

In the wake of the 40th Prize, just as he was taking up the torch of the Maison de Champagne, Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger, who shares his grandfather passion for gastronomy, perpetuates his memory in turn. The Prize from now on will be called “The Taittinger”, symbol of a dual homage – homage to a lasting family tradition transmitted to coming generations, and homage to those who, for a long time, have already dubbed it “The Taittinger” among themselves.

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